Gravel Driveways Dorset

Tarmac is widely regarded as one of the most versatile materials around thanks to its incredible durability, strength and aesthetic appeal.

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Are you looking to give your home a boost in the aesthetics department and also practicality? If you are, you need to call the team at Wicks Tarmacadam Surfacing on 01202 653 888 for the best gravel driveways Dorset has to offer. Our professional team with over 60 years experience will be able to give you the finest results at very competitive prices.

Superior Dorset Gravel Driveways

When it comes to installing gravel driveways Dorset, you should always seek out the premier supplier to ensure you get the best results. This means that there is only one team you need to consider, and that is the dedicated and skilful group of tradespeople at Wicks Tarmacadam Surfacing.

If you are thinking that your home could do with having an aesthetic upgrade, you will not find any options that can match the rustic charm of professionally laid gravel driveways in Dorset. With the area being rural, and thus many houses having long driveways, it is not uncommon for Dorset gravel driveways to be used to match the existing style and feel of the property.


You may be thinking that your options for how your gravel driveways Dorset will end up looking are limited, but you will be surprised to know that there are in fact more options than you realise. Traditional gravel offers a natural element to the driveway, but it can be swapped out for other colours, whether they are natural kiln dried or artificially coloured aggregates. This gives your new gravel driveways Dorset the scope to be whatever you want them to be – a truly bespoke finish.

With aggregate being relatively easy to install when compared with other surfacing methods, you will be pleased to know that our competitively priced services for gravel driveways in Dorset are very budget friendly and usually offer the more affordable solution for a great looking surface.

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Long Lasting

When gravel driveways Dorset are installed by the professionals in our team, you can expect the surface to last a very long time. We combine the natural durability and longevity of the aggregate with the skilful deployment of bordering and base layers to ensure your surface stays looking amazing for as long as possible.

Thanks to the durability and long lifespan of our surfaces, they can often add value to your property and end up paying for themselves when you come to sell your home in favour of a new one. This means there are even fewer reasons to hold back from giving your home a truly wonderful aesthetic boost.

Why Choose Our Tarmac Driveways Dorset?

Here at Wicks Tarmacadam Surfacing, we have been established since 1956 which means we have over 60 years of industry

experience to offer you. We use our vast pool of knowledge and expertise to produce results that cannot be matched by other suppliers for gravel driveways Dorset.

Due to our ability to consistently produce outstanding Dorset gravel driveways, we have garnered a reputation for excellence throughout the area. This has led to many clients approaching us for gravel driveways Dorset after having heard about us through a friend, family member, or colleague. Our fantastic client base is ever growing and we always strive to exceed any expectations about the project, instead of just meeting them – going the extra mile is something that we naturally do every time.

Tarmac has seen a wide use over the years as a popular choice for surfaces from driveways to public roads. As with any other surface, one made of tarmac is only as good as the team that installed it.